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Well hello there lovely people; it’s Lola the Change-Gear Dog-blogger and I’m back!  You may have noticed I’ve not been around for a while.  To be honest I was starting to wonder whether I was going to be replaced by a new model.   Cliché I know, but I was beginning to lose my confidence at work, so I decided to get my act together and start reminding the team just how good I am.   And it worked.  Here I am back with my new blog and it’s all about re-building your confidence.  If you’re feeling any self-doubt right now I’m hoping my 8 top tips will get you back on form:

Accept that Everyone Makes Mistakes
If you always need to be perfect, you will never feel good about yourself.  Everyone makes mistakes on the job and that’s okay.   But try to take them at an easy pace, promising to learn from them rather than beating yourself up over making any. Plus, once you let go of the need to be perfect, you allow yourself to take risks and take on new responsibilities.

Delete Negative Self-Talk
The words we use play a big part in what we believe we can and can’t achieve. Because of that, make sure you’re not using limiting language such as “I can’t” when describing your performance or abilities.  We are all constantly in the middle of a learning experience.   If negative self-talk starts, bat it away and replace it with a kinder, more positive dialogue.

Get out of your Comfort Zone
Sticking close to what you know seems like common sense when it comes to not rocking the boat at work and looking foolish when you fail.  But getting outside of your comfort zone is actually what makes you more confident in your abilities.  By reaching for skills that are a little bit of a stretch, you prove to yourself that you can manage bigger, better things.

Get Feedback
Don’t sit around waiting for your boss or your peers to tell you you’re doing a great job or what you’re doing wrong – make sure you ask for feedback along the way. This will show that that you care about your work and want to succeed.  You will also get a better sense of your strengths and your areas where you need to improve.

Never stop Learning
Not knowing how things work can knock you back. Make sure you are constantly learning new skills, keeping up with what’s new in your industry and reading up on the latest research to enhance your knowledge.  Be curious and try something new, something that scares you a little.   By doing this you will emerge more confident and empowered than if you stick to what you already know.

Go above and beyond
With each new project, think of ways you can go the extra mile.  Can you suggest new ideas, clients, or products? Make a process easier or more streamlined? Or even just get the report on your boss’ desk three days early? By exceeding other’s expectations you will start to feel better about yourself and are sure to get some good feedback from others, too.

Look the Part
Dressing well, having good posture, smiling and making great eye contact with people will all give the impression that you’re confident and in control. And when everyone else thinks you’re self-assured, you’ll start believing it too.

Celebrate Your Successes
If you’ve received an amazing performance review or nailed the client meeting you’ve been stressing over, celebrate—you deserve it! By acknowledging those successes you will remind you how great you really are – and there’s no greater confidence boost than a job well done.

So what are you waiting for?  Go out there and shine.  And if you have any other top tips that help you to feel more confident on the job please let us know – we’d love to hear from you!


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