Syrus Lowe


Syrus is a facilitator with over ten years’ experience. His areas of expertise include; Challenging Conversations, Diversity and Inclusion, Inclusive Leadership, Personal Impact, Presentation Skills and Unconscious Bias. Before becoming a facilitator he spent many years working as a role-play actor delivering scripted and bespoke role-play briefs as well as forum theatre.

He is an energetic and warm facilitator who has worked on a one-on-one basis and with small and large groups. He loves helping people develop and present their authentic self and believes that this individual behavioural shifting always leads to deeper cultural change within an organisation.

Syrus has worked with organisations across the UK and internationally. He has experience with many sectors, including Engineering, Finance, Government, Health, Higher Education, Insurance, Military, Pharmaceutical, Publishing, Retail and Tech.

He has BA Hons from RADA and is the founder of the UK’S only One-Day Corporate Role-Play Masterclass for Actors.