Chula Rupasinha


Chula is an experienced facilitator who specialises in conflict management, negotiation and influencing skills. He focuses on high-impact immersive training and is experienced in designing and delivering courses to culturally diverse groups. In addition, he also works as a commercial and community mediator. He previously served for 32 years as a police officer, retiring as a Superintendent and continues to deliver hostage negotiation training for UK forces, and on behalf of the FCO, to overseas police forces.

As befits a mediator, Chula’s style is to encourage the people he is working with to find their own solution; eliciting information and promoting self-discovery are his prime focus during a learning event.  That said, as an ex Superintendent, he is also quite willing to express unambiguous opinions where appropriate.

Chula has worked extensively internationally developing teams and individuals in Brunei, USA, Jamaica, Singapore, China, Bangladesh, South Africa, Moldova, Vietnam and throughout Europe. Clients have included barrister’s chambers, sales teams, tax specialists, teachers, GPs and mining industry professionals.

He is a member of the CIPD and holds a BA (Hons) in Economics, an MA in Human Resource Management and the Certificate of Further Education Teaching.