Living in a “material whirl”

As working Mums, both Carrie and I have always needed to balance the demands of running a business with those of nurturing and supporting our children, along with the other many varied roles we play – wife, sister, daughter, friend, etc. For both of us our children are entering the final phase of their secondary education and quite frankly we are starting to breath a collective sigh of relief!!! And as we reflect on how we have coped with the various calls on our time, we started to think about the advice we would give to new working Mums taking on this juggling act for the first time. Balancing the demands of professional life and being a parent is never easy; getting it right in the office or the boardroom whilst making sure you see your child perform in the school play, sports matches, rustle up costumes for Book Day, Greek Day or whatever day school is celebrating that week and ensuring your child has a nutritionally packed lunch every day!!

This week we had the pleasure to meet with Nicola Greenbrook who as well as being a Senior HR Manager at Breast Cancer Care is also Mum to 11 month old Evan. Not only will she juggle these two roles (she is currently just finishing maternity leave) she is also author of Material Whirl blog and music journalist for publications including RockShot.  We were blown away by how much she manages to pack into her week and Nicola has very kindly allowed us to share a guest post she recently wrote for online lifestyle and culture magazine, The Early Hour

In the post Nicola discusses her new role as a mother, how she combines it with her career and why she’s determined to make the two work in unison – and you can read the article here.

 We wish Nicola lots of luck as she prepares to go back to work at Breast Cancer Care; from our experience it’s not always easy being a working Mum but it is very rewarding. Doing the best job in the world – being a parent, while having a career you love. What more could you want – well nothing perhaps but a little more sleep!!!

If you are struggling with achieving the right work/life balance then please get in touch with us at for a chat about how one of our coaching programmes could help you.


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