It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

My favourite time of the year is fast approaching – the tree (or trees in my house) are up and decorated, presents are starting to appear and Xmas tunes on the radio form the backdrop to my days. As I sit here in my basket watching the rest of the family rush about, constantly checking their lists of things to do, I wonder, how am I going to make sure they don’t burn out before the big day arrives?

So, here are my top tips for staying healthy and energised over the festive season:
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A Riviera Retreat

After an extremely busy year the Change Gear Founding team decided to take some well-earned time out and visit the beautiful Cote d’Azur to join our Health and Wellness Consultant- Ruth Tongue for 4 days of Pilates and delicious home cooked food.

Here is our account of what we experienced…….

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Out of the box

Lola’s Top Tips – Getting out of the box and finding that first job!

Following Tom’s last blog on employability skills for first year students at the University of Essex, there’s been a lot of talk in my house recently about one of my younger masters getting a job. Having graduated in the summer with a decent degree he was hopeful that a perfect job, or at least an internship would present itself in his inbox, so that he could go out and suitably impress potential employers with his newly acquired product design skills. Alas, as we inch closer to the end of the year it seems less likely that this is going to be his reality.

As I sit and listen to all the family banter from my basket, I do think I could teach him a few tricks (after all he’s not an old dog!) about getting ahead of the game here; or at least to start “getting outside of the box” when it comes to getting a job. So…. here are a few more musings from “inside my box” – or whatever I happen to be in at the time ….

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Maybe The Only Way Is…

Yes, that’s right, Essex, or more specifically the University of Essex where Change Gear team member Tom Barwood presented to First year students on the need to get engaged in employability from day one. Too often students leave it until their final year to focus on what lies beyond university and opportunities to gain valuable work experience and skills are overlooked. In today’s graduate world of work it is not enough to keep up with your competitors, but to stay ahead and stand out.

In this blog, Tom shares his experience of delivering the message – “It’s never too early, but it can be too late to focus on employability!”

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À La Rentrée!

At this time of year in France it is impossible to ignore the event which is known as “La Rentrée”.  Supermarket shelves overflow with pens, pencils, folders, exercise books and other important stationery. Here in the UK we are bombarded by Back To School merchandising but this doesn’t seem to capture the change in the rhythm of life which is so aptly expressed by the term “La Rentrée”.

“La Rentrée” signifies a shift from Summer and days spent at the beach or a rural retreat to the resumption of the more scheduled days of school and work. September is not just time for children to restart their studies, but also for politicians to be recalled to Parliament and workers to return to their desks and offices; all returning with renewed motivation and a general upsurge of energy.

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