Mission Impossible: Should companies and employees have shared values?

At Change-Gear we are currently working with one of our clients on the roll out of their new company values to the business.  Our brief was to help them launch the values in a way that was fun and interactive and get the message across in 90 minutes.  A tall order but with the help of our talented impact consultants the job was a huge success and people went away fired up and ready to behave with their three new company values in mind – Teamwork, Integrity and Excellence.  Well that’s what we are hoping for.  Read More

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – or can you?

“Let’s go the movies tonight” is always a suggestion in my family that can spark off hours of debate and negotiation that can sometimes lead to us staying at home grumpy watching some B rate film on Netflix.  So when everyone agreed within 5 minutes on “The Intern” for last weekend’s viewing I was so delighted I found myself sitting in the Empire 45 minutes later with a bag of minstrels and no clue what to expect.
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Working like a dog!

With nearly everyone back to work and school after the summer holidays, we pooches can get awful lonesome left on our own in the homestead.  The good news is that a surprising number of businesses now recognise the value of allowing employees to take us into work with them, and not just on the annual “Take Your Dog to Work” day. Increasingly, what started out as occasional visits has grown into standard practice in some offices in the UK.

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How can we stop technology killing the art of human connection?

At Change- Gear we have been away on our various Summer holidays. Although we enjoy our work immensely we recognise that taking time out from work and stepping away from our various pieces of technology is important to our physical and emotional health.

In this blog Lucy Faulks from Technotox shares her thoughts around how we can ensure we keep our technology in it’s rightful place and not take over our lives…

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#TeamRCT Changing Gear

At Change Gear we are often asked to facilitate team events and strategy days; so  when I received a phone call asking me if I was interested in running an “away day” for the trustees of a charity, I naturally said yes. To cut to the chase I had one of the best days ever working with a wonderful group of people who are really committed to making a difference… but over to their CEO Toby Freeman to tell the story behind the charity and his thoughts on the day.

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