2016 – The Future of Learning and Development

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!”

The end of last year saw a number of articles and reports documenting the challenges for Learning and Development departments and the profession as a whole. Much has been made of the demise of classroom based courses that take place over a number of days and the required agility of L&D in this fast paced and technological age.

As we see more and more organisations moving away from the traditional methods of training to a more “self-service” style of learning, there are a number of considerations to be made before disregarding classroom style workshops as an option.
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Merry Christmas

As another year winds to a close, we just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone we have worked with in 2015. We’ve had a really interesting year working on amazing projects with clients new and old and our talented team delivered fantastic results; it was a pleasure to work with you all.

We hope the festive season gives everyone the chance to relax, recharge and re-energise. Whatever you are doing have a fabulous Christmas and may 2016 bring good things to all.

Carrie and Karen

Graduating Class of 2015 Re-energised and re-focused!

In November I was asked to facilitate a workshop to help graduates who had yet to make their first step onto the career ladder. You might well ask what was taking them so long to get going, after all they have had nearly 5 months without the distractions of exams and dissertations to find a job. Well, what I found was a myriad of reasons behind their seemingly lack of action: unclear about what they wanted to do; uncertainty about how they could best use what they had learned in their degree course; insufficient work experience and the most common reason of all – lack of confidence in their own abilities to positively impact on recruiters and employers.
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Mission Impossible: Should companies and employees have shared values?

At Change-Gear we are currently working with one of our clients on the roll out of their new company values to the business.  Our brief was to help them launch the values in a way that was fun and interactive and get the message across in 90 minutes.  A tall order but with the help of our talented impact consultants the job was a huge success and people went away fired up and ready to behave with their three new company values in mind – Teamwork, Integrity and Excellence.  Well that’s what we are hoping for.  Read More

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – or can you?

“Let’s go the movies tonight” is always a suggestion in my family that can spark off hours of debate and negotiation that can sometimes lead to us staying at home grumpy watching some B rate film on Netflix.  So when everyone agreed within 5 minutes on “The Intern” for last weekend’s viewing I was so delighted I found myself sitting in the Empire 45 minutes later with a bag of minstrels and no clue what to expect.
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