A Riviera Retreat

After an extremely busy year the Change Gear Founding team decided to take some well-earned time out and visit the beautiful Cote d’Azur to join our Health and Wellness Consultant- Ruth Tongue for 4 days of Pilates and delicious home cooked food.

Here is our account of what we experienced…….

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À La Rentrée!

At this time of year in France it is impossible to ignore the event which is known as “La Rentrée”.  Supermarket shelves overflow with pens, pencils, folders, exercise books and other important stationery. Here in the UK we are bombarded by Back To School merchandising but this doesn’t seem to capture the change in the rhythm of life which is so aptly expressed by the term “La Rentrée”.

“La Rentrée” signifies a shift from Summer and days spent at the beach or a rural retreat to the resumption of the more scheduled days of school and work. September is not just time for children to restart their studies, but also for politicians to be recalled to Parliament and workers to return to their desks and offices; all returning with renewed motivation and a general upsurge of energy.

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Game, set and match…

With the Wimbledon season upon us and Andy Murray blasting his way through his match against Kevin Anderson in straight sets to reach the quarter-finals yesterday, I found myself wondering were there any lessons we could learn about how to be successful in business from our tennis heroes. Here are some of my thoughts:

Train often and hard
Successful tennis players train hard and push themselves every day, hour after hour until they become masters of their game. With an ever-changing economy and globalised workforce this same mentality is essential. We need to be on top of our game in business to thrive against the competition. Never taking our eye off the ball.

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The Endless Journey

Wow! Here we are writing our first Change Gear blog … what to say that’s going to be interesting, amusing and tick every box on the “how to increase our chance of being top of a google search”?

So here we go…. We are two friends who have known each other for a very (very) long time, who reached a point in their lives and careers and said what next?

A friend of ours recently said that when you are unsure about things in life go back to the source of what makes you feel good and works for you. The source for us is working with a team of people who are a joy and a pleasure to be with; who inspire us with their energy and enthusiasm for all that they do inside and outside of work.

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