Once Upon A Time…..

We all love a good story, don’t we? Whether it is in the form of a movie, TV programme, book, poem or even a Facebook post; stories are a central part of how we communicate and make sense of our world.

Stories have been in existence long before recorded history. In 1940, a group of French children discovered a series of cave paintings in the Lascaux Caves in the Pyrenees Mountains, dating back to sometime between 15,000 and 13,000 B.C. which depict a variety of animals and one image of a human being along with rituals and hunting practices. Quite simply the paintings tell a story.

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Graduating Class of 2015 Re-energised and re-focused!

In November I was asked to facilitate a workshop to help graduates who had yet to make their first step onto the career ladder. You might well ask what was taking them so long to get going, after all they have had nearly 5 months without the distractions of exams and dissertations to find a job. Well, what I found was a myriad of reasons behind their seemingly lack of action: unclear about what they wanted to do; uncertainty about how they could best use what they had learned in their degree course; insufficient work experience and the most common reason of all – lack of confidence in their own abilities to positively impact on recruiters and employers.
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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – or can you?

“Let’s go the movies tonight” is always a suggestion in my family that can spark off hours of debate and negotiation that can sometimes lead to us staying at home grumpy watching some B rate film on Netflix.  So when everyone agreed within 5 minutes on “The Intern” for last weekend’s viewing I was so delighted I found myself sitting in the Empire 45 minutes later with a bag of minstrels and no clue what to expect.
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Out of the box

Lola’s Top Tips – Getting out of the box and finding that first job!

Following Tom’s last blog on employability skills for first year students at the University of Essex, there’s been a lot of talk in my house recently about one of my younger masters getting a job. Having graduated in the summer with a decent degree he was hopeful that a perfect job, or at least an internship would present itself in his inbox, so that he could go out and suitably impress potential employers with his newly acquired product design skills. Alas, as we inch closer to the end of the year it seems less likely that this is going to be his reality.

As I sit and listen to all the family banter from my basket, I do think I could teach him a few tricks (after all he’s not an old dog!) about getting ahead of the game here; or at least to start “getting outside of the box” when it comes to getting a job. So…. here are a few more musings from “inside my box” – or whatever I happen to be in at the time ….

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Maybe The Only Way Is…

Yes, that’s right, Essex, or more specifically the University of Essex where Change Gear team member Tom Barwood presented to First year students on the need to get engaged in employability from day one. Too often students leave it until their final year to focus on what lies beyond university and opportunities to gain valuable work experience and skills are overlooked. In today’s graduate world of work it is not enough to keep up with your competitors, but to stay ahead and stand out.

In this blog, Tom shares his experience of delivering the message – “It’s never too early, but it can be too late to focus on employability!”

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