Beating the post-holiday blues

There’s nothing like 2 weeks relaxing in the Caribbean sunshine to re-charge the batteries and put a smile on your face.  Welcome back to reality Carrie… trying to get motivated on a very wet Bank Holiday Monday was proving a challenge for me and might be for you too.

Here are some ideas that might help us to get motivated and overcome the post-holiday blues:

Tackle the over-flowing email

Quickly sort through all those hundreds of emails that have built up – just click and drag them into three boxes – URGENT, FOR TOMORROW and LATER.  Hopefully you’ve now only got about 20 to action and won’t feel so overwhelmed. 

Switch your mindset

Your subconscious mind can’t tell fact from fiction, so convince it that you’re feeling productive to jump-start yourself back into being productive.  Sitting down at your desk or workspace is an “anchor” for you to be in work mode.  Try thinking about a time when you were really productive. Make that good feeling a visualisation in your mind’s eye. The important thing is to feel what it was like to feel so productive.

Pick a task and do it!

Select something that needs to be done, and set yourself a time limit, perhaps by starting the stopwatch on your mobile phone.  Ignore your email and screen your calls if you need to.

Set some mini-goals

Think about your job and what you want to achieve in it for the rest of this year.  Most importantly, write it down. You’ll have a record and it will help spring you into action.

Let the creative juices flow

When we are in a relaxed and alert state (after our break!) our creative juices flow well. Time to resist the temptation to flop back into your chair – Brainstorm, lie outside on the grass (if it’s dry!) or borrow someone else’s office – think about what you might be able to do differently and how you can incorporate any aha moments from your time away? Impress everyone with your enthusiasm!

Plan your next holiday (or mini-break)

Having something exciting to look forward to can make all that hard work seem worthwhile. Plan your next break NOW and think about what you need to have achieved to deserve it

I’m also going to try and remember that after this week I will most likely be over the sulks and ready to get back into my work again.  So in the meantime, I’m going to look after myself: eat well, drink lots of water, get some exercise – I’m also going to do some fun things like watching a movie, meeting up with friends and take up yoga more seriously after some inspirational sunset sessions on the beach (my personal aha moment) – whatever makes you happy.

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