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About us

At Change Gear we hope the future will see advances in human knowledge, understanding, wellbeing and of course technology.  Our personal mission is to help everyone, whether in an organisation or an individual, become the best possible version of themselves. Whether you are in need of changing up or down a gear we can help you to achieve your dreams.  We want to work with you to create something wonderful, inspirational and most of all do-able.
Founder Change Gear
We’re here to cut through the clutter, offering sound advice and instinctive creative solutions.  We want to help your leaders not just keep up, but stand out.  After all, the only thing constant in today's ever-changing world is change.
Founder Change Gear
We approach all of our work with energy, creativity and most importantly excitement. We are all about helping people feel good about themselves and realising just how big an impact they can make on their world. Quite simply we eat, breathe, and love what we do.