À La Rentrée!

At this time of year in France it is impossible to ignore the event which is known as “La Rentrée”.  Supermarket shelves overflow with pens, pencils, folders, exercise books and other important stationery. Here in the UK we are bombarded by Back To School merchandising but this doesn’t seem to capture the change in the rhythm of life which is so aptly expressed by the term “La Rentrée”.

“La Rentrée” signifies a shift from Summer and days spent at the beach or a rural retreat to the resumption of the more scheduled days of school and work. September is not just time for children to restart their studies, but also for politicians to be recalled to Parliament and workers to return to their desks and offices; all returning with renewed motivation and a general upsurge of energy.

At Change Gear we view September as a time of optimism and opportunity; a time for reconnecting with your co-workers, setting goals and objectives and planning for your own education and development. Why wait for the short and dark days of January to put together your new years’ resolutions? Why not start now when you are rested, revitalised and re-energised?!

So here is the 6 Gear plan for making sure “La Rentrée” is a great starting point for the rest of the year:-

  1. Brainstorm all the things you would like to achieve but never seem to have a chance to do anything about. What are the things that will make a real difference to you, your people, department and business?
  2. Make a plan. Set yourself and your team some meaningful and stretching objectives.
  3. Reconnect with your co-workers; can you harness each other’s energy to motivate each other on to even greater achievements?
  4. Use your energy to minimise the impact of any negativity around you – enthusiasm and excitement are infectious!
  5. Review regularly, what is good about what you and the team are doing? Too often we focus on what is not working rather than our strengths.
  6. Celebrate your achievements – let others know what you and your team have achieved. There is much truth in the old saying “success breeds success”

So let’s make the most of this time of year, use your holiday momentum to change gear a little or a lot! Who knows you might surprise yourself!

Vive La Rentrée!!

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